Inspiring Women through art.

Greeting Card and Art Print.

All my life I have been inspired by other women’s work, whether they are painting, baking, writing, gardening or climbing a mountain. They inspire me to create strong images of women that make me feel alive, strong, vital. As a mother of a young girl I am constantly aware of the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, sexual stereotyping that still pervades our culture.  I strive to create strong, life enhancing images of women that will inspire my daughter – as she inspires me. If you would like to read the full story behind this illustration click here.

This creative greeting card and art print- “When Sleeping Women Awake”- combines a richly textured pen and ink drawing of an imaginary mountain range with the inspirational quotation, “When sleeping women awake mountains will move” (Confucius). It was created with inspiring women in mind.

When Sleeping Women Awake, 5×7 greeting card and 11 x 17 art print.

© 2005 Aislinn Adams