In today’s world we all need more beauty, art and wisdom in our lives. So I create illustrations and designs for greeting cards that speak in a simple yet profound way to our deepest needs and longings: illustrations with a vision from a variety of topics I’m passionate about-  gardening with environmental awareness, creative, inspiring women, Irish stories and myths, dreams….. I hope they will inspire and allow you to stop for a moment and breathe deeply. All of my work is hand drawn and inspired by my love of the outdoors, the natural world, and my desire to educate. By educate I mean helping us all to love beauty.

I decided to create these greeting cards after 10 years of illustrating the weekly gardening column “Digging In” for the Washington Post newspaper. When that work reached its completion I knew I needed to do something new and creative. Welcome to my website. I would love to hear from you.

My work is available for licensing. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.